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Ginetta Race Car

On this Ginetta car we went for a bit more of a stand-out look. From a concept to reality. We started off with a drawing and worked our magic and freedom of design interpretation to fulfill the customer’s requirements. As you can see we ran with the Royal blue for the main bulk of colour and accented it with a fluorescent red/orange from oracle. This certainly challenged us at MLR Performance but I think it’s safe to say it definitely stands out! Keep your eyes peeled for this car on itv4 British touring cars support race at croft later in the year and online live coverage of any British gt races.

Advertising Boards

The skill of wrapping is not just isolated to vehicles, we have worked with Alastair Rushforth Motorsport to bring a clean, fresh advertisement board, allowing sponsors for both the team and drivers to be promoted further within the paddock.

Trim and Under Bonnet

It is not just the outside of the vehicle which needs to look slick. We will wrap any component whether under the bonnet within the vehicle or on the exterior. We understand that drivers like that something extra to distinguish themselves from the other vehicles on the road.

Golf Buggy

No matter what mode of transport you have, we are here for you. We have worked on this golf buggy to bring a fresh look ready for the motorsport paddock.

Mercedes A-Class Interior

How about a Hexis Honey Comb Carbon to spice up the inside of your vehicle? This customer went for that option after having the standard Gloss Black seen in the majority of Mercs nowadays.

The Service We Offer

MLR Performance can supply and fit 99% of colours from all the top manufactures of vinyl. A full wrap of a vehicle usually takes 5 to 6 working days depending on vehicle size and features. Panel wraps and partial wraps can be completed within a day. For a breakdown in costs contact us and we’ll issue a quote for the job in hand.

Vehicle wrapping brings numerous benefits over a paint job. The wrap can be personalised to you, whilst being cost-effective on the colours and designs, and if you decide to sell the vehicle on, the ability to restore the vehicle to the standard manufacture colour by peeling the wrap off with no major cost. A wrap also brings an additional protective layer to your paintwork, this allows the paint to be in a premium condition once the wrap is removed.